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Welcome to our updated Web Site, where our comprehensive assortment of carefully designed products is supported by technical drawings and images of products applied to furniture.

Plastic, metal and wooden accessories used in furniture production are constantly developing and renewing with the trigger of new technologies and designs. The needs from the end user to the manufacturer are changing day by day. In line with these developments, Misline, which is a pioneer in transforming all innovations in the sector into products, continues to add aesthetics and value to your furniture with its renewed product range.

In addition to our leading position in the soft furniture accessories sector and our ability to produce in high quantities, our products in different designs that can be easily applied offer the opportunity to make your furniture stylish and impressive.

In the competitive environment we are in, not only the product being economical, but also its quality, reliability and timely fulfillment play an important role in meeting customer demands.

We would like to thank the Mis Plastik family, who are experts in their fields and constantly expanding by institutionalizing, and our valued customers, who have contributed to our day.